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REDUCE THE COST OF YOUR BDR TEAM BY 25% - The BDR Subscription Service

Building a BDR team is a critical step for many businesses. It enables you to be proactive and hunt for the pipeline you need to achieve hyper-growth, rather than wait for your ideal customers to turn up at your doorstep.


Hiring a UK-based BDR now costs, on average, nearly £80,000 per year; a US-based BDR is upwards of $100,000. A team of 10 will eat through over $1,000,000 a year.

Without careful planning, a good structure, a great leader and a little luck, this can quickly burn a big hole in your runway that has led to many BDR teams failing and businesses having to pull the plug.


Pypeline offers immersed BDRs for businesses looking to build a strong pipeline-building BDR team without the hefty price tag.

Pypeline BDRs will join your team in-house on a fixed-term basis and will seamlessly integrate into your business to maximise your chance of success.


Instead of having to worry about the cost of commissions, pension payments, benefits, hardware, software, data etc. Why not pay a simple subscription fee and hire the BDRs that you need at the time you need them?

Remain agile during periods of growth and downturns. After two great quarters, you may want to bring on 2 additional BDRs but after a really tough two quarters, you have the flexibility to reduce the team numbers so that you remain lean and effective.

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