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How Does It Work

A Free Consultation, so why not?

An initial consultation call will help us learn more about you and your business goals. From this, we will provide a structured plan including how many Pypeline BDRs you will need to achieve your target, and for how long.


Sourcing 'A' Players

Once you have decided on the number of Business Development Representatives (BDRs) that you need, Pypeline will go to work sourcing BDRs that display the key characteristics of an outperformer and also match the traits needed for your industry. 

The great thing is that, unlike traditional recruiters, we don't charge for sourcing talent.

Customisable Hiring Process

When it comes to the hiring process, our clients can be as hands-on or as hands-off as they want.

We will advise you as to the most effective way to hire but feel free to have multiple stakeholders engage with the potential new recruits during the process. This way, our clients are in control and shaping their success.

20-40% More Cost-Effective Per Annum VS Traditional Hiring

The Pre-boarding Of Champions

Every Pypeline BDR is put through two weeks of pre-boarding training and orientation prior to starting with a new client.

This pre-boarding process is proven to shorten ramp times (as it has been extensively used by our CEO during his time as a BDR leader) and helps the new reps to quickly bed-in with their new team.


Day 1 of many

Now comes the time for the Pypeline BDRs to join your team in-office and start bringing in those opportunities.

And great news, it's only at this point that you start paying Pypeline for the service. That's a consultation, talent sourcing and pre-boarding completely free.


Continuous Support

Just because our BDRs have started with you doesn't mean that the communication with our client ends.

Consistency is one of the most vital ingredients when trying to dictate success so, all of our clients and BDRs are supported by a dedicated account manager. Account managers that have a proven track record of building BDR teams that win!

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